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Interworld Mainframe (Saturday 3 September 2022)

This is an extra special, extra tasty event where we actually try to hack the mainframe through live-coded dance music, with the help of the Mondo Radio squad. We’ve invited an array of the most excellent pattern-munchers and data-moshers to bring you wave after wave of algorithmic audiovisual pleasure. Ride the crest.

You are also invited to explore The Battlestations®. We found these computers in a beige artificially lit basement of a shopping mall, connected to dozens of LED-covered machines. Strangely, they seem to power themselves. What secrets will they tell? Will it just be text files of The Anarchist Cookbook and how to 100% Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, or something else?

Word on the digi-street is that there’s a bonus item lurking somewhere on the premises. Be on the lookout for clues on how you might find it…

Our event will be protected through high-dimensional data security protocols. Should we get hit with a coordinated DDoS ransomware cyberattack, do not negotiate with the bad actors – and certainly don’t purchase any of their NFTs. Leave it to the professionals to deal with.

So strap on your neural implants and get ready for kinaesthetic overdrive. Remember: the only way through is to hack your own brain.







WARNING: This event will contain flashing/strobing images and loud noises. In addition, you may need to temporarily disable your antivirus in order for the keygen to run; this is normal, and you have nothing to worry about.

Saturday 3rd September
8pm til 2am
Mondo Radio, 7 Smithfield, S3 7AR
Please kindly BYOMW (Bring Your Own Mountain Dew)
Pay as you feel: we will ask for a suggested £7 microtransaction on the door, but no one will be turned away from lack of funds.