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Interworld Micro (Friday 11 November 2022)

As you are surely aware by now, microscopic robots (also called microbots or ‘cheesy bobs’) are becoming a very real possibility. In the near future, trillions of microbots may be flooding the airwaves all across the UK and invading your bodily fluids. You can’t stop them, so you may as well prepare yourself for them.

Guess what? We have some. It’s a prototype, but it’s very potent and very cool. Will they enhance your senses and give you superhuman abilities? Will they subtly change your voting preferences over time? Will they make your eyes glow red and allow you to control electronic devices by tilting your head in the style of a nu-metal bassist? Who knows!

As a gesture of good luck, on the 11th day of the 11th month at 11.11pm, we will be releasing our microbot colony into the basement of DINA. We invite you to join us in welcoming these tiny lil digital critters into your corporeal being.

Once again, we will be kitting out the DINA basement with cushions, chairs and bedding so you can lie down and take what we give to you. There’ll also be five (5) wonderful performances from experimental electronic artists using a variety of technologies. Sit down, take a load off, unravel. It’s going to be great!


Cavernous live-coded industrial ambience from London- and now Sheffield-based Eye Measure. Following recent shows at Plot 22, Corsica Studios and Cafe Oto, Eye Measure will be bringing the pressure with their particular strain of hypnotic beat distortions and digital soundscape erosions. Drink it in.

Interactive audiovisual set from musician and Interworld co-runner Phoneutrian, based on 2021’s adventurebook Winter Solstice Underwater. He aims to reimagine the material live while presenting a 3D playthrough inspired by the narrative of the release, with the crowd invited to participate in the performance.


Electroacoustic live scoring of film footage using recordings of fields, allotments, NASA missions and more. A heady experience.

Live set of dark future garage tones and beats from the vaporgoth queen. Deep into a prolific year of running LMNL Records and making releases on Hollow Point One and Dark Heart Recordings full of smoky atmospheres, haunting vocal snippets and midnight-blue melodies, we are keen to see what she has in store as the days get shorter and nights get longer.

Debut live set from musician, BMXer and graffiti artist Sclews, featuring a setup of colliding DAW instances and heavy percussive sounds. Sclews’ steady output of electronic songs, sketches and ideas across multiple Soundcloud accounts shows a constant searching and experimentation inspired by ambient and IDM artists. Excited for this!


The basement of DINA, 12 Fitzalan Square, S1 2AZ
Friday 11th November, 7pm til 11.11pm
£6 entry
Free stickers on the door.
Be advised that these performances will contain loud noises and possibly flashing/strobing visuals.
Cushions, bedding and chairs will be provided.
For more info about the venue, see