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Interworld: Wizard’s Realm (Friday 26 August 2022)

Far away, in some desolate land, a Wizard is banished from his realm by the foul, sadistic Orchid King. He wanders, alone and directionless, along deserted plains, until one day he stumbles upon a large, jet-black tooth, the size of a shin bone. Could it be? Is the Age of the Foul Lizard upon us again?

Guarding his inner thoughts closely with centuries of psychic training, the Wizard knows to keep his cards close to his chest. Little does he know, the Lizard has an ace up her sleeve…

“Astounding” – Sleve McDichael, New York Times
“Electrifying” – Willie Dustice, Sheffield Star
“Out of this world” – Bobson Dugnutt, The History Channel

COME and JOIN us in a frenzy of delights at the wonderful Hatch! Bring thy own beverages (B.Y.O.B.), and if you spot a scaly beast lurking in the shadows, be sure to give them a friendly nod and a wide berth.

© Interworld Media. First published 1962. Remastered from the original tapes in 1987 and then again in 2003. All master copies perished in 2012 due to intentional chemical damage on the part of the author. This (Ninth) edition pieced together from mostly illegible fragments and half-remembered plot devices. For research purposes only (DO NOT EAT).


Ecstatic dungeon sounds from the Game Boy Whisperer himself. Notes of molasses and video game cartridge dust.

Audiovisual mayhem. Stanky basslines, circuit bent drum machines, jarring musical changes, the telling of unspoken tales. Pungent but not entirely unpleasant.…/hatch-tapes-1-long

Uncomfortably thick slabs of esoteric coding from the mysterious duo. Rich and malty, with a lingering sense of foreboding.


Hatch, 107 Harwood Street, S2 4SE
Friday 26 August
7pm til 11pm
£7 donation on the door request; no one will be turned away for lack of funds.
WARNING: Performances will likely contain flashing images and loud music. Certain charms/spells may cause geomagnetic disturbance for 1–2 weeks following exposure.