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Interworld 2: Inter-Seasonal Gathering (Friday 16 November 2018)

Our second Foodhall Lates takeover packed in five (5) different sets, plus VJing throughout the night. Come along to hear things you never knew existed IRL and see things you only see in your dreams / when you rub your eyes. It’s like an isolation tank, but way more fun! Hardware/software/squishyware audiovisuals for physical and/or virtual dancing.

All donations went to

Photography: Rob West



Live hardware electronics ft. modular setup and cassettes


Ambient live coding

Zaron Mizmeras – Innervision

“The game is centred around falling asleep playing videogames and the experience of being digitally lost.”

Live video game playthrough + a collaboration with an actual plant.

Playlist of the full playthrough can be found here

DJ Fizzy

DJ+VJ combo set of post-punk synth electro goodness

INTJ Deadlift

DJ set of supreme power from Egui netizen


VJing duties across the show: “Fresh from rendering the very fabric of spacetime in Blender, hold on tight for a foray into an ‘Internetty’ maximalist realm. Please remember to browse incognito.”