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Interworld 3: Digital Landscaping (Friday 12 July 2019)

A warm summer night at Foodhall for our third Lates takeover party – four acts of very intense music, visuals and performance.

“The average human only uses ~10% of their cognition, so in July 2019 INTERWORLD MEDIA are offering their patented Brain-to-Cloud interface service to achieve <1% organic brain use and >99% cloud-based consciousness.

Come and get comfortable for a sensory feast of leftfield delights, exploring and playing with music, visuals and performance through hardware/software/squishyware – inspired by the increasingly strange new era we currently exist within.”

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Photography: Rob West


Lizard Quest

Live A/V collaboration between Phoneutrian and Zaron Mizmeras. Included live creating and playing of a video game and a fight between a lizard and a computer.


Live A/V performance including remixes, mashups, game music, intro themes, jingles, FMV and 3D models, as part of a deep dive into networks of cultural and individual memory. Lots of fun.

Crystal Vessel

Hardvapour DJ set promoting new album ‘Future Sound Of Vapour’ and ambient EP ‘Breathless’

Yung Fairy Liquid

DJ set of all manner of beats & rapid-fire workouts across footwork and beyond.