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Interworld Media: Label Launch Late (Friday 1 June 2018)

To celebrate the first three cassette releases on Interworld in the summer of 2018, we hosted a Friday Lates at Foodhall Sheffield. Our aim was to turn the space into a gallery for art and installations and a venue for live AV and DJ performances. Cassettes were available at the merch stand, and stickers were freely and generously distributed upon entry.

All donations went to



Live coding to manipulate the elements of the release Eternal Memory


Live electronic set of goopy beats and immersive gluey ambience, with visuals from VJ XYZ.

Zaron Mizmeras

Live A/V set – Content designed to facilitate the audience’s journey from the physical towards the digital.


Debut live-coding set – serving up fresh pieces of unusual code

INTJ Deadlift

Strictly flashcore DJ set from the Myers-Briggs-approved obliterator


Sphene: Installation for two projectors, two bedsheets and speakers in the Foodhall basement

India Garry

Loops for a stack of monitors, a window into something possibly less dreamy and more like actual dreams

Bede Robinson

Art showcase: Actualised online dirt, online life through an overtly antiquated lens.

Alex Noble

VJing duties for INTJ Deadlift: “A visual feast from Smiley Selassie’s own content generator, eschewing the I-frames of your online experiences into a deliciously disgusting conglomerate of all things ‘memey'”