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Sole Flashback Duels Gently

Sole Flashback Duels Gently

By Phoneutrian

Released 28 January 2019

For the second Phoneutrian release on Interworld Media, we get almost 60 minutes of ’emotional sci-fi’ electronica, inspired by ideas of dreams, memory and technology. Continuing the use of sample-based textures and colourful synth design, the listener is taken across a range of energy levels – led down a staircase by the dream-like washes of ‘Gaze in’ into a dark dream, only to be jolted awake in the ecstatic ‘Gaze out!’. Elsewhere, we see building, rhythmic tracks, such as the woozy head-nodding of Base-Journey, the ghostly Spiritvested, and the paranoia of ‘Kairo loops…’, inspired by the 2001 film of the same title.

Full album + video by VJ XYZ

Music video for Base-Journey by Zaron Mizmeras:

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