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The Platinum Collection

The Platinum Collection

By Phoneutrian

Released 19 June 2020

We are extremely pleased to bring you The Platinum Collection from Phoneutrian. Seemingly a departure from the previous dreamy ambient and beats-focused releases for Interworld, the 6 tracks here retain the penchant for sample manipulation, synth twiddling and atmosphere building, with more drops and what may even be considered donks.

From the artist: “The tracks are wildly different but all come from the same two sources. The original two ideas have been around for a few years, and I played around with them for some live sets, smashing them together in different ways. If you listen to Platinum Collection the whole way through, you keep hearing these same sounds coming back. I might be done with them for the time being – but maybe not.”

Tracklist guide:

Platinum 1
Eerie and bouncy, solid development, curious and excited energy

Platinum 2
Frantic but cunning, filled to the brim with plasticy hits, multiple breakdowns

Platinum 3
Gritty and intense, squeakier bassline, the plucked instrument has more room to breathe now

Platinum 4
Slower, groovier, electro-tinged, spacey and patient, the most self-assured Platinum

Platinum 5
Hungry, overpowering kickdrums and doorbell melodies, exhausted by the end

Platinum 6
Ghostly and anxious to start, intimidating bassline, a proud and majestic finale

Music and mastering: Phoneutrian
3D render: Zaron Mizmeras

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