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VHS HEAD, hellocatfood + support @ S&M (09 December 2023)

An evening of live glitch- and sample-based music and visuals pumped through stacks of CRT televisions.



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INTERWORLD MEDIA is extremely psyched to bring a night of electro-glitch music and visuals, headlined by the incredible VHS Head! Using an array of analogue and digital devices controlled through software, hardware and squishyware, the fractured dreamworld resulting from these four acts will be lovingly rendered by stacks of monitors utilising the latest Cathode Ray Tube technology. A night that will not be forgotten easily and is not to be missed. 


A mainstay of Skam Records, Ade Blacow aka VHS Head delves into 70s and 80s horror and sci-fi videotapes, sampling both picture and sound and constructing maximalist plunderphonic electronica from the source materials. Hypnagogic and groovy, Ade’s sound is machine-like, yet full of ethereal washes of grainy synthesisers. Starting with 2010’s ‘Trademark Ribbons of Gold’ and following up with 2014’s ‘Persistence of Vision’, Ade’s brings his third album ‘Phocus’ with a brand new audiovisual live set full of eye-popping video loops and hyper-electro bangers.


hellocatfood is the alias of Antonio Roberts, an artist and musician based in Birmingham, UK. He has provided visuals for the likes of MTV, Com Truise, Blood Sport, Steve Davis, Renick Bell and My Panda Shall Fly and at events including SXSW, Supersonic Festival, Barbican, Green Man festival and more. For this special audiovisual performance, he will be using software including Pure Data in addition to video hardware to explore the creative potential of algorithms, glitches and feedback loops in both sound and vision.


With a string of albums released through Interworld Media, a collaborative EP on London-based label Cherche Encore, and various side projects, Phoneutrian is a music-maker based in Sheffield. His live sets twist and turn through swirling sample-based soundscapes, hazy washes of emotional sound, and intensely catchy melodies pierced with rapid-fire percussion bursts and electro grooves.


Zaron is a Sheffield-based artist engaging in absurdist juxtapositions of various new media and technologies. In addition to being a regular VJ at the VRC club BREAK as well as countless meatspace festivals (including No Bounds festival, KALLIDA festival and Warehouse Project), they also regularly present solo exhibitions and talks exploring transhumanism, synaesthesia, and experimental ways of translating inner experiences through biodata. Zaron will be debuting their sequel to 2021’s bizarro ‘YOUTUBE HELL’ documenting an attempt to escape from the Recommendations sidebar (and failing miserably).



£10 early bird; £12 advance; £14 on the door

Available from Skiddle:


7PM til 11PM


Warning: This event will contain loud sounds and flashing/flickering images.