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CY3RWORLD:2000 @ FØRGE (29 March 2024)

Hyperpop / nightcore / VGM / breakbeat bangers with live CRT visuals. 100% Y2K non-compliant.


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Interworld Media x CYB3R presents… 100% Y2K-noncompliant music – we ARE the millennium bug infestation.The mind is very powerful; the mirror is as real you want it to be.

Come and realize our collective multitudes. Vibrate higher and get on our wavelength.

Seven sets of silky smooth hyperpop, breakbeat, nightcore, VGM, and other high-bpm zonkers. Alive atmospheric chaos through DJ sets and live electronics.

Live visuals: 1,0000,0000 ions per second spat out by our CRT Series of Tubes® technology and into your eyeholes. You will see everything.

The time is now, and now is the time. There is no time to lose. There is no need to be upset. Time enough at last.

Get in, loser: it’s CYB3RWORLD:2000.










Located at FORGE Sheffield workroom

Tickets £8 / £10 / £12 available via SKIDDLE:

Warning: This event will contain loud sounds and flashing/flickering images.