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With The Worms

With The Worms

By Bogle House

Released 22 November, 2023

Our debut release from the mysterious Bogle House sees a story told through folk, horror, spoken word, modular synth and more – moving through portentous drones, organic soundscapes and tender moments, especially the closing piece ‘I Am Buried Now and I Wish To Move On’.

From Bogle House: “The following explores the postmortem fate of a cunning woman who awakens to find her spirit sealed within the trunk of a great oak tree. Her body, in death now fused with the oak itself, has come to represent a fertility spirit and minor tutelary deity of the surrounding farmlands. Unwanted protector of the valley and Lady of the Harvest, she is now forced to stand watch over the fields of the very people who murdered her for nothing but the fallacy of being ‘a witch’.

Dedicated to those that suffered witch trial and spirit sealing ritual. May their souls be free to finally rest in peace.”

Written and produced by Bogle House.
Mastered by Phoneutrian.
Artwork and design by Rowan Tinker and Interworld Media.