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Sercle + Remixes

Sercle + Remixes

By Various Artists

Released 17 December 202117


Sercle + Remixes, Interworld’s first compilation album, explores how a set of source materials can be processed, played with and, in some cases, completely obliterated to produce wildly different results. A fresh take on the ‘remix album’, these 13 tracks are sequenced to emphasize the unique approach of each artist while also forming a cohesive whole.

The release starts with the four source tracks from Phoneutrian. Dreamboat and Simile are forward-thinking electro tracks, with infectious melodies that flutter around razor-sharp acid basslines, while Sercle and Crystal Mashup are longer forays through heady, disorientating realms, powered by breaks-y rhythmic workouts.

Things then start to unfold. Heavy Lifting refracts the source stems through crystal lattices of code, all teetering on the brink of chaos in a virtuosic build-and-release of energy and tension. Boris Cobblestone couples meticulously crafted breaks and pads with gritty washes of noise and off-kilter melodies, while Mystique brings the dance with a huge tune that’s equal parts club stomper and otherworldly dreamscape. Sleepsang’s electroacoustic-inspired piece shifts through lurching hyperobjects into spiralling hypnosis, setting the scene for SCAPA’s exquisite cut of deep, sci-fi electronica, all liquid bass and eerie melodies.

trendphazr comes straight in with an irresistibly bouncy bass tune, full of sparkly SFX and crunchy earworms, before Lawrence King takes things higher with a euphoric jam of pumping bass and warm, woozy tunes. hellocatfood keeps frantic drums and constantly evolving strings grounded through an earthy bassline and tight sound design. The final track, from Moonsleep, recontextualizes melodies from Dreamboat into a rainy, melancholic haze, ultimately fading into field recordings taken on the London Underground and bringing us back down to Earth.

The release contains tracks from 10 artists working across different fields in Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham and London, showcasing their unique approaches to processing and working with sound. With all the pieces cut from the same digital cloth, the release works as one continuous listen as well as a series of individual tracks; melodies and phrases drift in and out of focus, familiar though appearing in different contexts. Sebastian Koseda’s artwork presents the four track titles in cursed type and set in stone, providing another means of distorting the context of the source materials.

Heavy Lifting:
Boris Cobblestone:
Lawrence King:

Artwork by Sebastian Koseda:
Mastered by Phoneutrian 

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