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By Zaron Mizmeras

Released 24 November, 2023

Using EEG and GSR measurements, brain–computer interfaces, and biodata sonification, Zaron Mizmeras records their biological state whilst in a lucid dream and uses these signals to generate MIDI notes that are then turned into music and colours. Their aim is to effectively externalise phenomenological aspects of our psyche into audible and visible information.

The long-awaited follow-up to 2017’s Dronez, Dreamz presents these externalised experiences as one continuous journey split into tracks. Each song is a separate biodata recording from distinct dreams the artist engaged in, here left un-labelled so as to not influence the listener’s reading of each piece.

Zaron Mizmeras is an artist, cyborg, and synaesthete. Inspired by Post-Humanism, Deconstructionism, Aleatoricism and Meme Culture equally, they seek to illustrate and exacerbate the confusing experience of waking up and not knowing what to do with the day.

Music and art by Zaron Mizmeras.

Mastered by Phoneutrian.

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